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Creative Director

Natalie’s creative capacity is rooted in her musical background.    Driven by her compositional talent, Natalie is fully immersed in the artistry of creation and has written, directed and produced  a number of original stage plays, targeted family audiences. Natalie writes and composes original content for live entertainment and education.

Natalie’s music play “Musical Island: a Silent Spell” highlights importance of  music as reflection of people’s emotions.

The story is an allegory with timeless messages about family unity, friendship, dealing with challenges, goodness and kindness, communicated through an emotional connection with music.

By asking what life would be like without music around, we are reminded how important music truly is.

“Musical Island” production was successfully premiered during Fringe season in 2018 and did  its return season in theatre Bondi Spring Festival 2019.

See Natalie’s earlier works below

Bremen Musicians Rock’N’Roll

Interactive Music Show For the Whole Family!

An hour of joy and laughter with a fable crew of funny animals, who make their way through an assortment of trials and tribulations in an effort to become the best band in the land! Through teamwork and self-belief, following their dreams, the animals achieve great things, and make unexpected friends along the way!

The most popular rock n roll songs are introduced to the younger audiences through a well known tale with abundance of fun, spirit-uplifting action and improvisational theatrics.

Pinocchio's Music Adventures

“Pinocchio’s music adventures” is devised from the original story but the characters travel through future and find themselves in 21 century around technology.  Pinocchio wants to go to the music school but his fake friends Fox and Cat fool him around by offering  a new technological device. By using this device Pinocchio does not have to go to school and learn music. In exchange of  five coins  Pinocchio  is promised to sing and play music without any efforts. But things do not happen as promised   Pinocchio has no money, no device, surrounded by strange people called robots.. .

Classical Composers' Improvisations

This music play features elements of comical drama introducing audiences with the well known pieces of classical music and its masters as Beethoven, Bach. However, the classical heroes are shown through elements of  fun and humor singing along popular songs of 20th and 21st century. How do classical Masters feel in the realm of the modern music era? They come up with  a new idea of presenting their classical pieces for children and adults alike.    

Santa’s Christmas Adventures

It is a musical Christmas comedy to uplift your spirits and make you laugh and sing along. Any magic  may be  possible at Christmas Night, but can you imagine Christmas led by a mysterious creature called “Christmas Master” while  Santa  has overslept  his Christmas duties ? A team of the  fable characters from  the well known tales is on a rescue journey to find   a cure to make Santa awake and restore the Christmas festivities.


“I have a deep connection with music. One day I realized I could say more through music that I couldn’t say any other way.”

Natalie’s compositions and songs are rooted from her professional  musical background and her natural creative empathy.


“Musical Island: a Silent Spell” a new family musical

book/music/lyrics by Natalie Mitz (Mitzikis) 

 The merry inhabitants of Musical Island are threatened by the unthinkable, an evil Queen bent on the destruction of happiness and the end of music itself!

In 2018-19  the musical was staged  as a community production at Sydney Fringe, Spring Festival with the collaborative  support of Sydney animation institute. 

Musical Island Story

Musical Island is a new artistic project, which Natalie has been developing since 2017. It was devised from Natalie’s original story, that she first staged with a group of drama students for the school community in 2017.Inspired by the feedback from the local community, Natalie continued to develop the script, elaborating with original music and songs to a full length production with its premier at Sydney Fringe Festival, 2018 and return season in 2019 at Bondi Theatre Festival.

The concept of Music is central in the plot. The basic musical ideas (tonalities, dynamics, rhythm, etc) are anthropomorphized and presented as a musical race look like people with the musical attributes that reflect human’s emotions. The whimsical presentation of the characters capture the audience imagination and establish connection as the audience recognize people’s behaviors in those whimsical characters. bout the concept:

This original work is a combination of live performance and stunning animation, produced by SAE animation students as a collaborative initiative to support a new original project.

Musical Island Synopsis

The story plot revolves around the misunderstood Queen of Silence, who uses magical abilities to silence the music in the souls of her victims, in her quest to destroy music forever. The saviour of Musical Island is an initially shy but heroic Princess Minor, who with her band of friends discovers the full potential of her musical ability by finding the ‘magic tune’ to destroy the silent spell- teaching important lessons in moral courage, self-worth, teamwork and forgiveness as she prevails. Each of the major characters have their own theme songs and music which reflect their natures and objectives in the story.

Music Educator

Magic Sounds Studio is founded by Natalie in 2012 to provide music education in drama and  instrumental teaching. Since then the studio has been growing rapidly, and nowadays adults and children have an opportunity to learn various instruments ( piano, guitar voice), prepare for AMEB exams, participate in various music competitions,  have a great opportunity to showcase their talent on stage. Magic Sounds teachers’ team are enthusiastic and caring for students’ progress.

Natalie Mitz

Natalie has a diverse background in music, theatre, education. She is a singer-songwriter, composer, playwright, artistic director,  music educator.

Natalie obtained  her Bachelor qualifications in Music and English from Moscow State Pedagogical  University, then continued her  education in Australia, at Sydney University with Master of Arts (Linguistics), 2008 and at Australian Institute of Music with Master of Music (Classical Performance), 2018

Since residing in Australia, Natalie has been evolving her artistic career and moving towards creation of her works for stage.

Natalie’s  theatre work has developed as an iterative process across a number of years. The earliest forms of the work were short plays crafted specially to be performed by school students, but such was the response that Natalie was encouraged to consolidate and expand the materials into a full-length staged productions with adult actors realizing her creative vision and integrating music as a characterizing feature of her creative works.

Since 2016 Natalie established a theatre studio and started working as independent playwright and producer with amateur and professional cast. Natalia has been creating and producing her original works in Sydney area, local festivals (Bayside Cultural Festival, Sydney Fringe, Bondi Theatre Festival) targeted family audiences.

Natalie is open to work and collaborate with other creative professionals on composing original material for screen and stage, mentoring, and facilitating other original projects to support aspiring musicians and artists of various ages.



“It was a great show, the show to be remembered, because of the cheerful music and the songs”.

Ian R. Wayne
J.P. Mechanical Design Engineer
R.A.Navy, Retired

“In reference to my professional thoughts about “Musical Island”, I enjoyed it very much. It has all the elements of a very entertaining and educational theatre piece for children and adults like".

Robert Teicher

Pianist, Singer, Music Therapist, Choral Director of Creativity Australia One Voice Program