’A true artist works every single day, every hour of his existence, all his life, because he cannot live without creativeness’

Konstantin Stanislavsky

I have been working in performing arts for quite a while wearing many hats, such  as a pianist, singer/ song writer, music educator, playwright, director,  employing my creative vision in various arts forms both in Europe and Australia.

I see things differently, for me creativity is not a thing it is a way of doing things.

My creative path has been always accompanied by teaching. For me, teaching is a platform – to create, learn and improvise. Teaching became an inspiration to transpose my visual imaginings onto paper that later evolved into music compositions and stage plays.

The earliest forms of my music compositions  were songs, with a deep story behind, that  later evolved  into music plays  for children and adults alike. But, with the growing audience’s response, I have been inspired to consolidate and expand my community stage works  into full-length staged productions performed at the local festivals, Sydney Fringe and Bondi Theatre Festival, that targeted family audiences.

My creative pursuits have been complemented by extensive education gained in Moscow, Russia and Sydney, Australia, most recently with the completion of a Master’s degree in Linguistics and Music. 

I am a musician,  educator,  theatre practitioner,  author and creator  of vibrant  music content  for children and adults alike that I believe may have a valuable benefit for public.

In 2023 my career path took a new direction- I have written and published my first fiction novel for children and adults alike, called ‘Musical Island’.   

Originally written and produced as a music play back in 2018-2019, ‘Musical Island’ received an overwhelmingly warm response from  audiences of various age. People became genuinely  connected to my story as it talks about a path to emotional wellbeing through a ‘magic melody’ in each one’s heart that nurtures hope within.

Then, I was encouraged to turn Musical Island from a play into a novel. Work on the book began during 2021-2022, and upon  completion was released in 2023.  A -24 chapter fantasy novel,  ‘Musical Island’, is  available for purchase on Amazon and other major online bookstores.