Learn literacy, develop your presentation skills  through  drama and theatrics.

‘Fable journey’ is a series of drama sessions, based on interactive storytelling.

Each session incorporates a bright combination of technology-based culture and a traditional fable format which allows children learn literacy, environment, science and more topics  through the original twist of traditional tales, as well as offer an abundance of fun and moral lessons for children, respective to topics that are of note in each story.

Children develop literacy skills, self presentation, spontaneous thinking, improvisation while being immersed in the story events

The program can be delivered in real time in class or via Zoom.

You tube  https://youtu.be/LeRSAfVRIIk

Program benefits:

1.Facilitate self-confidence, creative thinking, motivation.

2. Improves literacy performance, span of focus.

3.The technology- based element keeps children interested in a storytelling format, whilst developing their computer literacy in a mindful environment.

4. Facilitates creativity and emotional connection.

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