‘Musical Island’ a fantasy novel for children and adults alike  is coming soon!

Encouraged by continues warm feedback of the audience and fans, I was inspired to develop my music play ‘Musical Island’ into a 25 chapter book.

A story of courageous characters and adventure, and harmony of all kinds, Musical Island leads readers down the path to positive mindset and emotional wellbeing, with ‘magic tune in each one’ s heart’ that nurtures hope within 

 This heart-touching issue about raising lifetime values is at the core of the adventurous and inspiring book, Musical Island.

In her book, Natalie Mitz creates unusual and fresh approach of communication to young readers through the concept of music as the main hero. Characters, environment are organised and understood through music. The characters, while still interacting naturally, are anthropomorphisms of musical concepts and symbols, develop their dramatic potential, reflecting on human’s behavior.

The Musical Island plot showcases the dramatic potential of each character in a classic moral crisis. The misunderstood Silence, the witch, attempts to use her magical abilities to silence the music in the souls of her victims, in her quest to destroy music forever.

The savior of Musical Island is an initially shy but heroic Princess Minor, who with her band of friends discovers the magical tune to break the spell- teaching young readers important lessons in moral courage, self-belief, teamwork and forgiveness as she prevails.