“Musical Island ” a new family musical

book/music/lyrics by Natalie Mitz (Mitzikis)

One day, I thought to myself: What would the world be without music? Can we feel happiness without emotional connection?

Those questions inspired me to write a story about Musical Island… a place where music was born and where magic musical people lived, called “Musinomes”.

The story is an allegory with timeless messages about family unity, friendship, dealing with adversity and fostering goodness.

“Musical Island” recently staged a successful return season production at Bondi Theatre during the Spring Festival of 2019, following its initial premiere in 2018.


This fantasy story talks about  a magic  land,  where music was born, called Musical Island. The inhabitants of this magic land, Musinomes, did not talk; they sang like musical instruments.

Everything and everybody were blessed with the magic of music there.  However, one day, a girl was born, who did not make any sound during her birth arrival. Her name was Silence.

With years past, it turned out that Silence did not get along with musical-nature, as it annoyed her and made her suffer through just one monotonous rattling sound she heard in her ears each time music was played or sung.

Silence grew up with a hatred for song and sound! She wished at once to make Musical Island silent. At this moment, the foaming fog descended over and swirled around Silence in an ashy shimmering cloud. She was taken away from music to a secret hidden place, called Misty Valley.

Silence attempts to use her magical abilities to silence the music in the souls of her victims, in her quest to destroy music forever. The savior of Musical Island is an initially shy but heroic Princess Minor, who with her band of friends discovers the magical tune to break the silent spell and reveal the truth hidden behind the mystery of silent curse.